Welcome to AsgardMC!

AsgardMC is a Minecraft server for the community originally spawned from Thorlar the Asgardian's Twitch stream with the goal of being a nice and welcoming place for people to be. As such we're enforcing clean language, behaviour and attitude on the server.

It's a whitelisted server and currently you must be a follower of Thorlar's stream to get access to it.


Here's an incomplete list of rules, please use common sense for the rest.

If you're unsure if something is okay or not to do, always ask an admin or other players. It's a lot better than potentially getting a warning or ban for doing something wrong by not knowing.

Gameplay and plugins

This is primarily a vanilla survival server as we want to keep the gameplay as close to regular Minecraft as possible. We're however using a few gameplay-modifying plugins and scripts:

Users can claim areas in the world using a plugin called GriefPrevention. This will protect blocks, chests, animals, etc. Different forms of trust can then be given to other players if needed. By default, buttons, levers and fence gates are protected from use by others (controlled using the /accesstrust command).

If griefing does happen, the CoreProtect plugin allows admins to see exactly what has been done, when, by who, etc and then roll these things back. This includes all placed/removed blocks, things placed/removed from chests, killed creatures and more. If you detect griefing, preferably contact an admin instead of fixing it yourself.

Ranks and titles

Some users have custom titles for various reasons (do NOT ask for a custom title), so to make it easy to keep track of what rank they actually have, the ranks are color-coded as follows:

Senior Admin
Regular (mostly subscribers and donators)



The main world is a regular survival world with hunger and PvP disabled.


Survival world with hunger and PvP enabled, including a PvP-arena. Currently under construction and unavailable to players.


Creative mode world for building pixelart. Everyone can go here but special access is required to be able to build.
The requirements for getting build access in this world varies per user, there are no exact requirements so don't ask for it. Some things we do look at though are time spent in survival and overall behaviour.


Creative mode world for non-pixelart builds. At the moment, noone can go here.

A Link to the Past (ALTTP)

Special world for Frigolit and Thorlar's Legend of Zelda - A Link to the Past build. Noone can go here until the build is finished, but you can have a look at it on the map for the time being.