Minecraft 1.8, new survival world

We're finally on 1.8! Along with this we've also set up a new survival world for Thorlar's new stream-project and disabled whitelisting. New users however won't be able to place/destroy blocks, take stuff from chests or even chat, but they interact with buttons/levers/etc and of course take damage :)

There's currently no way to access the original world/spawn unless you have a home set in either of those worlds. This will be solved shortly with a few new commands and possibly a main hub.

Dynmap is currently down as it needs to be upgraded and cleaned up a bit as the tiles are taking up quite a significant amount of diskspace at the moment.

1.8 upgrade this weekend

Way overdue, the server will be going down sometime during the weekend for an upgrade to 1.8. Any non-crucial functionality that I haven't had time to port to proper plugins will have to wait for later.

Minecraft 1.8 update status

Hi! Just an update on the process of getting the server to 1.8.

The current blocker is that one of the plugins we're using, ScriptCraft, have gone insane and has dropped support for Bukkit and instead wants people to use a special server modification. So what's happening is that I'm rewriting the most important scripts as proper bukkit plugins instead. As soon as those are done, tested and working I'll be switching over to 1.8 and the remaining scripts will get converted later.

"Hell in Asgard" minigame, Build teleporters

A new minigame is now available on the server, called "Hell in Asgard"!

You will spawn in a new world with a separate inventory where you will get some default items. The goal then is to get as far away from the spawnpoint as possible, so just run in any direction. The further away you get however, the more difficult it'll get. Charged creepers riding on speed-boosted baby zombies? Why not!

It's currently in beta and will get updated from time to time, adding more zones and interesting mob combinations as well as balance it out a bit. The scoreboard will get reset a few times until we've reached a stable version.

There's also a new section opening up in spawn, teleporters to cool personal builds. This is so people can show off cool builds they've made in survival so these don't go unseen to the public. You can submit your builds to me (Frigolit) on Minecraft if I'm online or send me a PM on Twitch. Include the name and coordinates of the build, and your Minecraft username of course. Admins will then have a look on the builds to make sure they meet our critera. Note that a build doesn't have to be finished, but in a decent state at least.

New plugin, hunger, etc

Heya! There's been a couple of changes recently.

First of all, leaves now decay instantly when you cut a tree down, cause noone likes waiting around for that and it makes no sense anyway :). Also, in the upcoming days, hunger will be enabled again.

Especially for our players who live in timezones pretty far off from Sweden, there's now an auto-maintenance system that springs into action every day at 4am CET/CEST. An alert will be sent out to all players 60 seconds before it happens, then the server is taken down for (normally) a couple of minutes while maintenance is performed and is then automatically started again.

And there are more things in the works. Info about these will be announced later as work progresses~

Staff update

Here's the staff changes since last time~

Big welcome to our two new moderators, bootiliciousness and sarahtoocute!

For those who don't already know, booti's the maintainer of the Asgard Funpark featuring a whole bunch of rides and attractions, so go check it out! You can get there using teleporter A7 in spawn.

Server upgraded to 1.7.9

The server has now been upgraded to 1.7.9! The earlier autosave-fix has been reversed as well to not cause any problems with new structures.

As for new biomes, we'll be destroying all chunks that aren't within a certain radius of a claim so they can be regenerated. That's a later project though.

Autosave timeout issues

A fix has been implemented for the issue with autosave timing everyone out from the server sometimes.

The fix will cause some side-effects with new so called "structures", which includes NPC villages, nether fortresses, witch huts and similar. This will hopefully be completely solved when we upgrade the server to 1.7.x.

Staff update

Hi! Today we've added two new moderators to the server, ceeday and PineFudge. So give them a round of applause and be nice :)

We've also removed a couple of inactive staff members whom we hope to see back on the server again in the future. Thanks for the help and best wishes!

New plugin: Multiverse

Today we've added MultiVerse, a plugin that allows us to create multiple worlds on the server. This has allowed us to create for example a creative-mode pixelart world and a PvP-world (not yet open).

Build permissions in the pixelart world are currently restricted to regulars.